HomesAPI Authentication Scheme

To make Homes360 API calls on behalf of an individual user, a Partner app must use the homesapi authentication scheme.
Two tokens are required to make API calls to Homes 360: a Partner application token and a user token for the user on whose behalf you are making the API call.

Obtain Partner Token

To obtain your Partner application token, call the Token API.

NOTE: The Token API doesn’t require any kind of token authentication.

Make a POST request to the url:

        "accountID": ,
        "login": "string",
        "password": "string",

The accountID, login and password are the Partner account credentials you received after being approved as a Connect Partner.

This token should then be appended to all 360 API calls in the url.
For example:

Obtain User Token

The second token you need is the token generated by your user on the Connect Partners page. The user should have then copied the token into your application. That token should be placed in the API request's Authorization header with the scheme homesapi: Authorization: homesapi user_generated_token